Music Ministry
Congregational Hymn Singing:
There are at least 4 hymns every Sunday. The Music Director prepares hymns for the Processional, Recessional, and Communion. The Pastor has traditionally selected the Hymn of the Day since it follows the sermon. Any of these hymns could be changed depending on the needs of the service. We use special manuals, called Sundays and Seasons, to guide our selection. We have been compiling a favorite hymn list from Trinity members, which we use in the summer months. Singing hymns at Trinity is always a special event. Come, let us all sing with a joyful sound!

Chancel Choir:
Without the Chancel choir, our services would surely lack leadership and confidence. We are a liturgical church where the scripture, the prayers, and the many areas of worship are presented through the medium of music. Martin Luther respected music so much that he used it as an avenue for worshipers to travel through the service. It is through music that many of us meet our Lord in a more personal way. The Chancel Choir has the important responsibility of leading the congregation through worship. They truly enjoy their work. We would not have as meaningful a service without them. The choir meets every Wednesday at 7:00 PM and again before the service on Sunday morning. New members are always welcome. The ability to read music is helpful, but not necessary.

Youth Choir:
We always have a special treat when the Youth Choir sings. They have so much energy and fun! They rehearse every Wednesday at 6:15pm and prepare exciting songs for every other Sunday. Youth Choir sings from September through May, taking a short break for summer months.  During the Lenten Season practice time changes to 5:30-6:00.  The youth are quick learners and memorize everything.  Sign language and special motions help to enhance most of their songs. It is wonderful to see the older children help the little ones as they learn each song. So, if you are in kindergarten through sixth grades, this is the choir for you!

Ensembles, solos, summer music:
There are many other opportunities to share your musical gifts. We organize quartets, trios, and duets for special occasions. Summer is a great time to explore new musical styles. Instrumentalists are very much appreciated at Trinity. We have been very fortunate to have many talented musicians worship with us at Trinity.